Frequently Asked Questions

Do you handle cases with International (non-US based) airlines?

While Trip Tiger’s expertise lies with domestic (US) based airlines, we do also handle cases with international based airlines. Many international carries, like those based in the EU, are under stricter government imposed guidelines for passenger compensation than their US based counterparts. As with all of our customers, Trip Tiger will ensure that your case is presented to the airline to ensure the highest possibility of an acceptable resolution, no matter where the airline is based

I am currently traveling and having an issue with an airline. Can you help me resolve it in real time?

Trip Tiger is set up to assist customers with resolving their concerns post-travel. We like to have the complete picture before taking action. If you’re still in the middle of your trip, you can always reach out to us now, and we’ll get back to you within 2 days to get the rest of your travel details.

How long will it take the airline to respond to my case?

Typically, airlines respond to Trip Tiger within a few days, but more complex issues can sometimes take longer. Legally, airlines have 60 days to respond.

Are airlines legally required to give me compensation?

Airlines are only legally required to provide compensation to customers who are involuntarily denied boarding. They are also required to provide reimbursement if a bag or its contents are lost, missing, or damaged while in the care of the airline. Still, there are many situations where an airline may offer goodwill compensation. Likelihood for compensation is always a part of our evaluations with our customers.

Can Trip Tiger guarantee that I will get some form of compensation from the airline?

There are many situations for which airlines may offer goodwill compensation, but it’s never a guarantee. Likelihood for compensation is always a part of our evaluations with our customers.

An airline has discriminated against me based upon my race, ethnicity, disability status, age, or religion. Can Trip Tiger help me make a claim?

These types of situations often need the help of an attorney. While Trip Tiger is happy to review any issue, we are not legal counsel and we recommend that anyone who believes that they have experienced discrimination by an airline seek the help of a qualified lawyer.

Should I also file a complaint with the Department of Transportation?

Airlines are not required to publish their complaint rates. So, when you complain to an airline, only the airline and you know about the complaint. Rates for airline complaints filed with the US Department of Transportation are published to the public and have an impact on airline rankings. For a small additional charge, Trip Tiger would be happy to file a complaint with the DOT on your behalf. You will be given this option during the check-out process.

I was told by Trip Tiger that I would be receiving compensation from the airline, but I have not gotten it. What should I do?

Reach out to your Trip Tiger associate so that they can investigate the issue and follow up with the airline again if necessary.